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Serve for New Zealand asks you to pledge your time to a project or neighbourly activity, to help us honour the kiwi spirit of service. In 2016 and 2017 we encouraged you to help out in your community on Anzac Day to commemorate this special day of remembrance; to date, over 15,000 hours have been pledged.

However, as the Student Volunteer Army’s response to the Christchurch earthquakes reminded the country, every thoughtful act contributes and supports our community. So, you’re welcome to pledge your time and carry out your good deed at anytime – and we’d love for you to share it with us!

To see more about our Anzac Day campaigns, click here.

For more information, or to get more involved, contact us here.

Hey, schools! You can pledge your time here, or learn more about what Serve for NZ is, here!

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Recent Pledges

Group: Berkley Normal Middle School Location: Hillcrest Pledged: 66 hours
Group: Harbourites Location: Albany Pledged: 60 hour
Group: Infinity Hub Location: Island Bay Pledged: 60 hour
Group: Rata Rua Location: Waimakariri Pledged: 25 hour
Group: Carmel Braves Location: Milford Pledged: 135 hours
Group: Nanakia Ninjas Location: Northland Pledged: 0+ hours
Group: The Peer Mediators Location: Rangiora Pledged: 144+ hours
Group: Rata Wha Mahuri Volunteer Army Location: Rangiora Pledged: 104 hours
Group: Team Rua Tekau Location: Hillcrest Pledged: 32 hour
Group: Room 14 Brooklyn School Location: Brooklyn School Pledged: 75 hours

“This initiative is a way for Kiwis to remember the service of others in the past, and to continue that tradition of generosity and sacrifice in a practical way.

I would like to congratulate those who have already pledged their time, and encourage others to do the same.” HRH Prince Harry



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