Anzac Day

I’m busy on Anzac Day! Can I volunteer another time?

We’d love for you to volunteer at anytime you can! If you’re busy on Anzac Day, that isn’t a problem: you can volunteer for your hour at any time that suits you. Please still pledge your time online – as we want to make sure that your contribution is counted!

Do I have to pledge my time to volunteer?

Yes. There is no catch to pledging your time -­ you are simply letting us know that you are planning to volunteer, and how long you’re going to donate your time for.

I need some volunteering ideas…

Head over to ‘How to Serve’ for some inspiration or ‘projects’ to see if there are community projects in your region.

How can my community group or workplace contribute?

Joining with your community group or workplace is a fantastic way to create a greater scale volunteering project for this day. By focusing on one area of your community, such as a beach, or one street, you can create a greater ­scale volunteer opportunity. Simply add together all the people involved and the estimated time you’ll spend, and pledge on

For ideas, check out our ‘How to Serve’ page – and if you have an idea for a community project, head to our projects page to submit it to Seek Volunteer.

Why Anzac Day as the day of volunteering?

In 2016, with a strong connection to service and volunteering, the SVA and UC wanted to find a way to honour the Anzac spirit while also giving back to the community. Serve for New Zealand was created as a gift to the RSA to commemorate their 100th birthday – and as a gift to New Zealand to share with kiwi’s the legacy we hope the Christchurch earthquakes will forever ignite: The legacy of community; the legacy of service.

Launched in 2016 as a pilot project, over 6600 hours were pledged by over 4400 individuals all over New Zealand: so, we’re bringing Serve for NZ back in 2017 – and making it bigger and better, to create the greatest volunteering impact we can!

The Student Volunteer Army are also the first and only group to have received the ANZAC of the Year award in 2012.

Do I have to be a member of the SVA or the RSA to volunteer?

No – We’re appealing to all New Zealanders, young and old, in all areas of the country.


Thank you

Thank you for pledging your time to #ServeforNZ!

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