Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are a fun and safe way to explore sexual fantasies. In addition to boosting orgasms, they can also help reduce feelings of loneliness. They can even help you sleep better.

Before using a sex doll, it’s important to clean it thoroughly. You can use a lubricant to clean orifices, and some even come with UV sterilisation rods.

Butt dolls

As their name suggests, butt dolls are designed to emulate the genitals of humans. They’re ideal for those who enjoy solo masturbation or want to practice techniques before attempting them with a partner. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, with some including accessories such as lube, internal heating rods, and tongues.

Using a butt doll can help you ejaculate more regularly, which in turn helps to keep your prostate healthier. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to sleep better at night.

Many butt dolls are made from medical-grade silicone, which is non-porous and latex-free. They’re more expensive than TPE models but they last longer, resist odours, and stretch to accommodate your body. However, you’ll need to clean any orifices after use and moisturize them every few weeks to keep the skin soft and smooth. If you’re a novice, consider starting with a TPE model before upgrading to a premium silicone one.

Torso dolls

For men who love to masturbate, torso dolls can bring a whole new level of pleasure and realism to the experience. They are designed to mimic the look and feel of a female body, and they often feature anatomically correct features like realistic breasts and genitalia. They can also be made to jiggle and bounce with each thrust, creating an experience that is very close to real sex.

These dolls are typically made from TPE or silicone, with TPE being softer and more lifelike than silicone. Some even have the option of having their hair and eyes customized, allowing you to create a doll that is truly unique.

In order to maximize pleasure, it is important to use the right lubricant and warm the doll up before playing with it. Additionally, it is recommended to store the doll in a case that is specially designed for sex toys to protect it from moisture and other environmental factors.

Tips and tricks for maximizing pleasure

Sex dolls can be used in a variety of ways, and their pleasure potential is limited only by the user’s imagination. They can also provide a safe, discreet, and private way to enjoy sexual fantasies that may not be appropriate in real life.

To maximize pleasure, it’s important to clean and store your sex doll properly. This will help prevent damage to the body and avoid odors from mold or mildew. Keeping the doll’s wig, clothing, and other accessories clean is essential to maintaining their integrity.

It is also recommended to use a high-quality lubricant with your sex doll. Water-based lubricants are the best choice, as oil-based products can damage the doll’s skin and leave stains. Foreplay is also an important part of the pleasure process, and can help arouse both emotional and physical sensations. Foreplay can include kissing, licking, cuddling, sharing sexual fantasies, fondling the doll’s breasts, and gently slapping her.

What is a Transportable House?

A transportable house is a great option for people looking for a comfortable home without the high cost. It’s also eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for a building permit.

Unlike a conventional house, this type of residence is prefabricated in the factory and moved to another location using a truck. These homes are popular in regional & rural areas due to their affordability & ease of maintenance.


Transportable houses are more cost-effective than new homes because they can be delivered to a site and fixed in place for a fraction of the price. This makes them a great option for people who need to relocate frequently or those who cannot afford the high costs of constructing a traditional home.

Some zoning regulations have restrictions on where you can put a transportable house, so make sure to check with your local zoning office before you buy one. You will also need to consider the delivery and set-up costs when purchasing a transportable house.

Some neighbourhood Home Owners’ Associations are against the construction of transportable homes, claiming that they will lower property values and cheapen the neighborhood’s look. However, this is a myth as modern transportable homes are designed to be stylish and hold their value. Additionally, they are built stronger to withstand relocation and harsh weather conditions. They can also be modified with custom features such as a scullery in the kitchen or walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom ensuite.


When you think of the word “house”, most people will think of a traditional home. While this may be a dream for many, there are others who prefer a transportable house. This type of dwelling is growing in popularity because it offers just as much comfort as a conventional house while being less expensive to heat and maintain.

One of the most interesting portable homes is designed by Xfactor Agencies. This prefabricated residence is built on wheels and can be transported to any location without requiring a building permit. It features a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The structure can be constructed and disassembled in a single day, making it an excellent choice for those who want to live in the great outdoors.

Whether you are just considering a movable house or have already made up your mind, it is important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of this type of housing. This guide will help you decide if this type of home is right for you.


The housing market is changing as people move away from the traditional concept of buying a house and living in it for life. Instead, some prefer to rent or share a home following the ‘living as a service’ concept (PwC & Urban Land Institute, 2021). This trend has increased demand for flexible housing solutions.

Relocatable homes are an affordable way to purchase a new home that can be transported to a new location as required. They can be customised with the features and amenities you want and can include a range of options such as an outdoor kitchen or walk-in wardrobe.

Transportable houses are also more cost-effective than traditional site built homes. This is because they are prefabricated and built within a factory where weather conditions don’t delay building or the supply of materials. These factors mean that the house can be constructed up to 40% quicker than a conventional home. This makes them a great option for those looking to get into the property market quickly.


A transportable house is a type of home that can be moved from one location to another using a truck. It can be as large as a four-bedroom home or as small as a tiny house. It is sometimes referred to as a prefabricated house, modular home, or relocatable home.

These homes are built with the highest safety standards in mind. Many are designed to withstand high winds. Some even have built-in HVAC systems. This means that they are energy efficient and can be used year-round. Additionally, they are often more affordable than traditional houses because they are built in a factory and don’t require a building permit.

However, before you purchase a transportable house, it’s important to check with your local zoning authorities to see if there are any restrictions on where you can park or install it. Also, be sure to consult your insurance agent to make sure that you’re covered in case of an accident or natural disaster.

Manuka Honey – A Powerful Natural Health Ingredient

Whether drizzled on your morning porridge or in your afternoon tea, manuka honey is a powerful natural health ingredient. Look for the UMF label, which stands for Unique Manuka Factor. This rating is based on levels of three signature compounds found in the honey: MGO, dihydroxyacetone and leptosperin.

UMF manuka honey contains methylglyoxal, which has antibacterial properties. In contrast, multifloral honey is a blend of different types of honey.


Studies show Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties make it helpful in preventing and treating infections. It can help treat stomach ulcers caused by helicobacter pylori and reduce symptoms of cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that damages the lungs by affecting cells that produce mucus, which can thicken and block airways.

The effectiveness of Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties is attributed to its high levels of phenolic compounds, particularly Methylglyoxal (MGO), which determines the Unique Manuka Factor rating. Studies have found that the higher the MGO level, the greater the antibacterial activity of the honey.

However, other components of honey also contribute to its antibacterial properties, such as hydrogen peroxide and bee defensin-1. Therefore, MGO may not be the key factor influencing the antibiotic activity of Manuka honey against S. aureus.


Manuka honey blend can help control the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease. It can also prevent ulcers and other infections in the digestive tract by limiting the bacteria that produce inflammatory chemicals.

The anti-inflammatory properties of manuka honey may also be useful in reducing inflammation associated with cancer treatment. It has been shown to reduce the side effect of mucositis, an infection of the lining in the digestive tract caused by chemotherapy drugs.

A tablespoon of manuka honey a day is recommended for most adults. However, it is important to note that it should be avoided by people who are allergic to honey or bees and those with diabetes. Ensure you are using pure New Zealand manuka honey with the UMF trademark and rating.


Honey has long been known for its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but the benefits don’t stop there. Research suggests that manuka honey, which gets its healing properties from the compound methylglyoxal (MGO), may also have anti-cancer effects.

A study found that MGO “synergistically enhances the chemopreventive effect of 5-fluorouracil on colon cancer stem-like cells through inducing oxidative DNA damage, downregulating apoptosis inhibitors, altering metabolic phenotypes and suppressing metastasis ability.”

In addition to fighting cancer, manuka honey’s antibacterial properties can help treat diabetes-related ulcers, improve oral health and soothe a sore throat. It has also been shown to be effective against the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, including Helicobacter pylori. It may even prevent and control cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that damages the lungs by affecting the cells that produce mucus.


Manuka honey’s natural antibiotic properties can help with digestive issues. It also helps to balance low stomach acid and reduce symptoms of acid reflux. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause these conditions.

It has been found to naturally downregulate the most potent genes in MRSA, a dangerous strain of bacteria that resists antibiotic treatment. It can be used to treat wounds, burns and sores because it has the ability to slow down the growth of bacteria and promote healing.

When choosing Manuka honey, look for the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating which guarantees it’s medicinal quality and a guarantee of its antibacterial properties. You can find medical-grade Manuka honey at most health food stores and online. This type of honey is more expensive, but well worth it for those with CF and other respiratory disorders.


The antifungal properties of manuka are attributed to its unique chemical profile, which includes methylglyoxal and other volatile compounds. These components stimulate macrophages to release mediators needed for tissue healing and prevent microbial infections. Additionally, these compounds have a wide range of antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and anti-inflammatory activities.

Leptospermone-derived methylglyoxal and grandiflorone had strong inhibitory activity against Gram negative foodborne pathogens, including Salmonella typhimurium and Clostridium perfringens (inhibitory zone >30 mm on treatment with 2 or 5 mg/disc) [20].

The antiparasitic activity of manuka oil is also impressive. It was found to be more effective than tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oil against the poultry red mite Dermatophagoides gallinae in contact and fumigant assays. It was also highly effective against the plant pathogens Phytophthora cactorum and Cryphonectria parasitica in fumigation assays.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra oral jelly is a convenient, fruit-flavored erectile dysfunction medication. It can be purchased online, without a prescription. It is clinically tested and made in Ajanta Pharma’s clean facility.

Its active ingredient, sildenafil, increases blood flow to the penis. It also stimulates cGMP and helps relax the smooth muscles of the urethra. This makes it easier to get an erection.

It works by dilating blood vessels

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a medication that can help treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It works by dilating blood vessels in the penis, which allows more massive blood flow to the area and helps achieve an erection. It is not an aphrodisiac, and stimulation will still be required for an erection to occur. The active ingredient in Kamagra Oral Jelly is sildenafil citrate, which is a PDE-5 inhibitor that increases cGMP levels and promotes the release of nitric oxide.

Kamagra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company that has been in business for over 25 years. This product is a jelly-like substance that contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, and it is available in countries around the world. However, it is illegal in the United States and other countries to buy Kamagra online from unlicensed suppliers.

It is important to note that this drug can interact with some medications, including those that treat HIV like ritonavir, zidovudine, and saquinavir. This can cause more severe side effects. It is also important to avoid consuming alcohol and eating foods high in fat when taking this medication.
It is safe

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a medication that is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. It contains Sildenafil Citrate which inhibits enzymes that cause blood vessels in the penis to dilate, resulting in an erection. It can be taken orally and it starts to work in about 10-15 minutes. It works faster than Viagra tablets.

Many men are looking for a solution to their erectile dysfunction problems. Often they will see advertisements behind the counter at their local gas station or in their spam inbox that promise stronger erections. Unfortunately, these products are often knockoff and unlicensed, which means that they may contain dangerous substances such as talcum powder or commercial paint.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction should always talk to their doctor about it. They can recommend other medications that can treat the problem. They can also identify underlying health conditions that could be causing the problem and fix them. Seeing a doctor is an important first step because it can prevent embarrassment and help you find the best treatment.

It is not a aphrodisiac

Sildenafil citrate is the main ingredient of Kamagra oral jelly. This drug is indicated in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It works by relaxing the blood vessels and increasing the flow of blood to the penis. It also increases the release of nitric oxide in the body. This causes a hard erection to be formed in the penis. However, it is not an aphrodisiac and requires sexual stimulation to be effective.

You should avoid consuming fatty foods and alcohol before taking Kamagra oral jelly. This will delay the onset of its effects. Also, it is important to stay hydrated when taking Kamagra oral jelly. This will help you avoid dehydration, which can cause headaches and dizziness.

Kamagra oral jelly can be bought online, but it is not regulated by the FDA and should only be purchased from a trusted source. Unregulated oral jelly is often contaminated and can cause dangerous side effects. This is because it can contain unknown substances and may be made by anyone.

It is not legal

Kamagra oral jelly is an unregulated drug that’s illegal to buy in the UK. It may contain counterfeit ingredients and unhealthy fillers, making it dangerous to use. It is also incompatible with some medications, including nitrates and certain antiviral drugs.

Sildenafil citrate in Kamagra oral jelly works by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE-5, which breaks down cGMP, and increasing blood flow to the penis. This helps the user get an erection, but it can cause side effects in some people.

Despite the risks, many people still take erectile dysfunction medication online. However, it is important to note that the risks are much higher with unauthorized sites and unregulated drugs. These drugs may be contaminated with foreign substances such as talcum powder, commercial paint, or printer ink. They may also be less effective than regulated drugs. Also, counterfeit ED drugs often interact with other medications and can lead to serious health problems. You can avoid these risks by purchasing ED medicines from a licensed pharmacy.

How Builders Can Help You Navigate the Complex World of Custom Home Building

A good residential construction company will help you navigate the complicated world of building a custom home. They will perform local market research, survey the land and obtain the necessary permits. They will also supervise subcontractors and artisans, and ensure that the work is up to standards.

Start by searching for trusted New Plymouth builders on Houzz. Review their work photos, then contact them to discuss your project.

Building a new home

If you’re planning on buying a new construction home, it’s important to work with an experienced buyer’s agent. He or she can provide you with background information on the builder and community, as well as help you find a good home. They can also advise you on which upgrades are worth the money and which ones may not add value to your property.

In addition, they perform local market research and make sure that the custom home makes sense in the neighborhood. They also survey the land to make sure it’s suitable for construction. They also supervise subcontractors and artisans; keep track of local zoning regulations and building codes; inspect the work for problems along the way; and more.

Plymouth is a very well-connected town, with a number of ‘B’ roads and the A38, or Devon Expressway, passing through the city. Commuters can take advantage of regular trains to destinations across the UK, including Penzance and London Paddington.


Whether your kitchen has become outdated, worn out or just needs to be updated, renovations are a great way to increase the value of your home. A professional kitchen contractor can help you plan and execute a project that delivers lasting value. They can also provide you with a range of options and materials to choose from.

Home builders have skills that go far beyond construction — they keep tabs on local zoning laws, building codes and other legalities; manage subcontractors and artisans; and perform dozens of other roles that are essential to the construction of a new custom home. To find a home builder who fits your needs, look for one with experience renovating homes like yours.

Plymouth’s aging municipal complex, first constructed in 1971, is getting a much-needed renovation. Work includes replacing the original roofs, installing environmentally friendly geothermal HVAC, replacing old windows and putting in floor coverings. The project is being funded with money from the Community Preservation Act.


Home extensions are a great way to add extra living space to your home. They can provide an office, kitchen, fitness area, or relaxing space. They can also increase the value of your property. In addition, they can reduce the time it takes to get mortgage approval.

When building your extension, it is important to consider future requirements as well. For example, if you plan on starting a family in the near future, it may be best to build a two-story extension rather than a single-story one. Similarly, if you require an additional bedroom, it may be worth considering adding a loft conversion.

A Guardian next-generation home extension Plymouth can transform your home into a comfortable, beautiful living space. It combines Kingspan Tek-Panels with the Guardian warm roof system to create an energy-efficient living space. The extension is fabricated off-site and can be installed in a matter of weeks. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional brick-built extensions.

Commercial Building

Plymouth is a thriving city in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota with a booming commercial sector. Whether you’re looking for warehouse, retail or industrial property to buy or lease in the area, Kris Lindahl’s team can help you navigate today’s Plymouth commercial real estate market.

Kickstart your business in a new building with an established reputation with this one of a kind opportunity. Operated for four generations this unique local location is located in a quaint oceanfront neighborhood. It’s the ideal place to start a restaurant or bar and features amazing water views, top of the line hurricane grade construction and a full functioning basement.

Start your search for office space in the Plymouth Town, MA commercial real estate market by using our filters that allow you to narrow down your options based on rating, year built, availabilities and more. After drawing up a shortlist, contact the listed brokers to schedule viewings and begin negotiating your lease contract.

Why It Is Important to Hire a Licensed Immigration Adviser

A licensed immigration adviser is someone who is qualified to provide advice on New Zealand visa applications. They are required to follow a code of conduct and are also regulated by the Immigration Advisers Authority.

This ensures that they are competent and ethical in their practice. It also prevents them from giving incorrect and misleading information.


The process of gaining a New Zealand visa can be complicated and stressful, especially when your future in the country hinges on a successful application. To make sure you’re on the right track, enlist the services of an experienced licensed immigration adviser. They’ll check over your application and answer any questions you may have. They’ll also keep on top of your application and communicate with Immigration NZ on your behalf.

A good adviser will know the current laws and regulations in detail, and ensure that your application meets the required criteria. They’ll also be able to advise you on any possible options, so you can decide which one is best for your situation.

Advisers vary in expertise, fees, and service levels. It’s best to discuss your requirements with several before choosing an adviser. You can also check the Immigration Advisers Authority register to find a licensed adviser. Licensed advisers are subject to strict standards, so you can be confident that they’ll provide quality advice.


When you hire a professional licensed immigration adviser, you can rest assured that your application is being handled by an expert. This will reduce the chance of your visa being rejected. It will also save you time and money in the long run. A good adviser will keep you updated on the status of your visa application.

Licensed immigration advisers are experts in New Zealand immigration law and have experience with different types of visa applications. They can also help you meet employer accreditation requirements and get skilled migrants on the job faster. They will also ensure that your visa application is well-prepared and submitted to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) on time.

To be a licensed immigration adviser Tauranga, you must complete one-year training and pass an examination. During this period, you must gain work experience and attend seminars to learn more about New Zealand law. Once you have a full license, you can provide advice on all types of visas.


If you want to apply for a New Zealand visa, it is important to hire a licensed immigration adviser. This professional will help you navigate the complex New Zealand immigration system and ensure that all your paperwork is submitted correctly. An experienced adviser will also be able to process your visa application more quickly than an unlicensed person.

However, a person does not need to be licensed to give immigration advice if they only do it on a one-off basis for their family members. The licence scheme is aimed at people who provide immigration advice as a business for a fee or do it regularly.

Before you choose an immigration adviser, check their online reviews and whether they are a member of the Immigration Advisers Authority. This will make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest changes to the immigration laws and providing accurate advice. It is also a good idea to look at the adviser’s Google reviews and client feedback.


If you are applying for a visa to enter New Zealand, you need to find an immigration adviser who is licensed. Licensed advisers are members of the LIA Association and operate to a high professional standard. They are trained in the immigration law and keep up with changes to New Zealand visa regulations. In addition, they must comply with the commissioner’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Choosing an immigration adviser who specialises in your type of visa can save you time and money. They can also help you avoid making mistakes that could delay or even halt your application. If you are considering using an adviser, check their reviews on Google or talk to friends and colleagues who have used them.

Licensed immigration advisers work with INZ to make sure that visa applications are well-prepared and help INZ officers reach the right decisions for the clients they represent. This can be especially important when an application is complex or has been rejected in the past.

The Importance of House Washing in Auckland

Getting your house regularly washed will not only make it look clean but also increase its value. This is especially important if you plan on selling it in the future.

A medium chemical pressure wash will effectively kill off any moss, mould or lichen that might be present on the surface of your house. It will also leave surfaces sterile and ready for painting.


Whether you are planning to sell or just want your home to look fresh and clean, regular house washing is highly recommended. This prevents the paint from wearing off and helps to extend the life of your weatherboards, bricks or painted surface.

A professional house wash will include the cleaning of your windows if requested. The process involves spraying a low pressure chemical solution on one side of the house (applying from bottom up to avoid streaks), then rinsing off. It is important to double check the windows after they have been rinsed to ensure they are completely clear.

It is also a good idea to get your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional. This will help to avoid any blockages or leaking which could result in damage to your property.


The appearance of your house says a lot about you and a dirty exterior doesn’t create a great first impression. Whether you are planning to sell your property or want to extend the life of your bricks, weatherboards, or paint work it is worth investing in a professional exterior cleaning service. A standard house wash includes removing cobwebs, washing down the outside of your guttering, all cladding, eaves, barge boards, gable ends and flashings as well as the outside of windows and doors.

We also offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning and roof treatment service that helps prevent the build-up of moss and lichen, a vital step in preventing future deterioration. And of course, no home is complete without sparkling clean windows. Talk to us about our regular window cleaning service to keep your property looking Spick and Span. We can even take care of your pool area and driveways! Call for a free no obligation quote today.


The harsh New Zealand weather can damage your home, and regular house washing is an effective way to safeguard it. It removes mould and mildew, preventing them from damaging the surface layer and causing further harm. This protects your investment and ensures a high level of care for your home.

Having your home regularly washed also benefits your health, as it reduces allergens in the household. These can be from pollen, dust mites, or mould spores, which cause allergic reactions in many people. Washing these surfaces with safe low-pressure cleaning removes them, reducing the time your family spends coughing and sneezing.

When choosing a house wash West Auckland company, it is important to consider factors like training, customer feedback, insurance coverage, safety protocols, and pricing. These will help you make a decision that is best for your property and your needs. Additionally, it is essential to choose a company that has a good reputation and a track record of successful projects.

Pest control

A well maintained building says a lot about its owners and regular washing helps extend the life of brick, timber and weatherboard buildings. It also preserves colour finish paints. Gutter cleaning is essential for water flow and a thorough house wash can reveal any blockages. Regularly washing cladding and timber decking can prevent corrosion and remove moss and lichen, making your home safer and more appealing to buyers.

Applying residual spider control two weeks before a soft house wash can kill off Spiders and help prevent them building webs in anticipation of the washing. This will ensure that your home is Spider free for considerably longer after the house wash is completed. Chlorine products and antimicrobials used for mould and moss killing can shorten the lifespan of residual Spider treatments. Residual Spider control applied shortly after a wash will not last as long and may require reapplication. The best time to spray is during a soft wash.

Roofing Companies in Auckland

If you’re looking for a reliable roofing company in Auckland, choose a contractor that has a track record of working within your budget and meeting deadlines. You’ll also want to find out whether they offer warranties or guarantees.

Licensed installers can provide a range of services, including reroofing, cladding and gutter systems. They are experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to give you advice on the best roof for your property.

Aspect Roofing

Having a roof that is well-maintained will not only boost the value of your property, but it will also help you save on energy costs. This is why you need to find the best roofing experts in Auckland. These professionals specialize in a variety of services, including repair, maintenance, and replacement of your roof. They can also assist with other structural components.

Aspect Roofing is an experienced contractor that specializes in metal roofing. They offer a wide range of roofing options, from long run and metal tiles to cladding. Their team is composed of qualified quantity surveyors, roofing sales consultants, and roofing installers. They work together to ensure that every project complies with industry standards and safety regulations.

Moreover, their services are affordable and guaranteed. They are licensed and insured, and their contractors prioritize professionalism and accountability. Their roofing specialists are always ready to provide assistance, and they can work within your budget and schedule.

Delta Roofing

In the event of severe weather, roofing contractors can inspect a roof and gutters for damage and provide repairs. They can also perform general maintenance such as roof and gutter cleaning. Some specialise in specific types of roofs, such as tile or metal.

Roofing companies can also help homeowners choose the right roofing solution for their home. For example, some specialise in metal roofs, which are known for their durability and energy efficiency. They can also be made to match the aesthetic of a home. Other roofing solutions include tiles, which are known for their durability and beauty.

A good roofing contractor will be knowledgeable about building codes and can save homeowners money on materials. They can also create a maintenance plan to ensure that the roof is in good condition. They may offer a warranty on their work as well. For example, some will give their clients a 15-year warranty on any new roofing.

Roof Repair Specialists

This company specialises in re-roofing, roof repairs and guttering services. It has a team of qualified roofers who can handle any roofing material, including tile and steel. They also conduct cladding repair and installation. They can install corrugated, trapezoidal, and tray profiles, ensuring you get the right look for your home.

This roofing specialist is a family-owned and operated company that offers free quotes and competitive rates. They offer a wide range of Colorsteel options, which are designed to withstand New Zealand’s weather conditions. They also provide insulation and a choice of cladding.

They are big believers in preventive maintenance, and can inspect and repair a roof up to every three years. They can even replace spouting and gutters during the process. They are also able to handle skylights, which are often the source of leaks. They will also work around your schedule and keep disruptions to a minimum. They are also licensed and insured, and follow health and safety regulations.

Select Roofing

The roof is a critical part of any home but unlike walls and floors, it’s not always apparent when a repair or replacement is needed. Leaks and discolouration on ceilings are often the first warning signs that you may have a roofing problem but they’re not the only ones.

Select Roofing in Auckland is an established residential roofing and exterior wall cladding contractor. They’re GAF-Certified contractors and offer comprehensive warranties for their work. They offer a full range of roofing services including new and replacement residential metal roofing, corrugated iron roof repairs, and roof restorations. They also offer gutter installation, system selling, and roofing and exterior cladding maintenance.

The company’s customer service is top-notch. They quote quickly, arrive promptly, and clean up after themselves. They even went above and beyond by doing a site visit to check for a leak before sending the invoice. Definitely recommend! They’re also very reasonably priced.

Wellington Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime together and it deserves beautiful photos that tell your unique story. Choose a wedding photographer in Wellington who understands this and is equipped to capture the key moments as well as the smaller ones.

Michelle Davies Photography centres her work on real happiness, preserving these genuine moments for a lasting narrative. She also loves to work with you before the day to ensure a seamless experience.

KawKawKins Photography

KawKawKins Photography are a Wellington wedding photographer team who will capture all of the special moments of your day. They also offer a wedding film service so you can have a cinematic recap of your big day to share with friends and family.

They love clean lines, negative space, beautiful architecture, and photojournalism. They have photographed a diverse range of weddings, from DIY board game receptions to black-tie ceremonies in ancient locations.

Jaymee is an expert in capturing beautiful fleeting moments without you even realising it. She’s rated 5.0 on Google Reviews and is available for weddings, maternity, portraits, and coaching sessions. She’s also available for destination weddings, so get in touch to find out more.

We Do Photography & Design

Founded by two creative souls, We Do Photography + Cinema is dedicated to crafting wedding imagery that will leave you speechless. Based in Palmerston North, they offer both wedding photography and filmography services for couples around Wellington and beyond.

A wedding photographer needs to be able to tell your story through their work, capturing the little details that make you unique. This can include a sideways glance, a laugh or even the little things that you may have forgotten about on your day.

With a natural style, Bonnie Photographics is all about embracing the quirks of your personality to create stunning wedding images that are truly you. She believes that your wedding is more than just a celebration, and that you deserve photos that reflect this.

Jo Moore Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day. When selecting a wedding photographer, look for someone who matches your vision and has experience shooting at the venue you’re planning to marry in.

Paul has built a trusted and well-known reputation in Wellington, Wairarapa, and Kapiti. He’s a photojournalist at heart, always searching for that magical moment – a sideways glance, a giggle, a hug – the little things that make you and your partner so special.

She believes every love story is unique, that client connection is key, and that capturing real emotion in the moment is essential. Her dreamy and natural style is a perfect match for couples looking to create beautiful images that tell your story.

Jaymee Photography

When it comes to your wedding photos, there’s nothing worse than shoddy images. Not only do these pics mark the start of a new chapter in your relationship, but they also serve as a memory for out-of-town guests and your future children.

That’s why it’s important to choose a photographer who has an impressive track record. Look for a photographer who can make you feel amazeballs in front of the camera and who has a natural, candid style.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with Auburn Photography. With years of experience under their belts, this husband-and-wife team is dedicated to capturing your big day in a beautiful way. They love to connect with couples and capture the little moments that matter most – a sideways glance, a giggle, a smile.

Monica Ferguson Photography

Monica Ferguson Photography has a clean and creative style that works well for weddings. She also offers maternity, engagement and documentary sessions.

A photojournalist at heart, Ferguson is always looking for that magic moment – a sideways glance, a giggle or a hug. She knows that honesty and authenticity are the keys to great wedding photography, leaving you with a beautiful album of memories.

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Polystyrene Under Concrete Slab

Rigid foam insulation under a concrete slab helps lower energy bills, reduces moisture and meets modern building codes. It also protects the foundation from toxic gases, unwanted creatures, and cold temperatures.

The most popular types of Polystyrene under concrete slab floor insulation are EPS and XPS rigid foam boards. Both have high compressive strengths, allowing them to resist structural loading.

Structural Strength

When insulating slab foundations, the strength of the insulation is crucial. Without sufficient strength, the concrete slab can slowly collapse over time and destroy the foundation of a home.

While many contractors think the highest strength insulation makes the most sense for a slab foundation, that’s not always the case. Often, products with lower compressive strengths are more than adequate and can save a significant amount of money for the contractor.

One option for under-slab insulation is polyiso, which provides incredible strength while also blocking cold, heat, moisture and mold and unwelcome creatures like radon. It’s produced from two liquid chemicals that are combined with a blowing agent and formed into rigid foam boards. This closed-cell insulation is also a highly effective barrier to moisture and vapor, increasing thermal performance and reducing energy consumption. In addition, polyiso is made from recycled materials, making it a greener choice for your next construction project.

Moisture Resistance

When it comes to below-slab insulation, moisture resistance is very important. Wet products quickly lose their R-value, which increases the amount of energy a building will need to heat or cool it. EPS and XPS both provide excellent moisture resistance. XPS tends to perform better in laboratory short term moisture absorption tests, but real world long term results show that EPS performs just as well and retains its R-value over time.

Using foam insulation under the concrete slab prevents thermal discrepancies, air transfers, and loss, reduces heating and cooling costs, acts as a vapor barrier to control moisture, mold and radon gas and mutes noise. It also helps to prevent structural problems like heaving and buckling that can result from an inadequate vapor barrier.

Another benefit of EPS under slab insulation is that its compressive strength – or the ability to support weight – aligns with below-grade foundation load requirements. In contrast, XPS insulation requires a higher compression strength to meet below-grade requirements.

Fire Resistance

A layer of polystyrene under your foundation can protect your building from unwelcome critters, mold and soil gases like radon. It also helps keep moisture from seeping into your concrete slab and causing damage.

A recent experimental study compared the structural behavior of lightweight foam concrete flat slabs to normal-weight concrete flat slabs when exposed to fire. The crack patterns, load-deflection curves and steel strains of the tested specimens were studied. The results showed that the maximum load was lower in the foam concrete flat slabs compared to the normal-weight concrete ones.

Contractors typically install XPS rigid insulation under slabs, but expanded polystyrene (EPS) performs just as well and is significantly less expensive. It is important to confirm with the designers that they are using accurate calculations when determining how much compression the under-slab insulation needs. Over-specifying an XPS product that requires high compressive strength can add to the cost of your project. EPS offers a range of compressive strengths that will meet back-fill forces and load requirements, making it the most cost-effective option for under-slab applications.

Energy Efficiency

Under slab insulation is required by modern building codes to keep energy costs low and protect the foundation from moisture. It’s also an important part of any construction project because a poorly-insulated foundation is the main source of heat loss in new buildings.

Rigid foam under a concrete slab significantly reduces energy bills, keeps the building warm and dry, complies with code, and helps to prolong the life of the concrete slab. It’s also a great option for projects using radiant heated flooring.

Molded polystyrene is a resilient, closed-cell rigid foam insulation that offers high thermal efficiency, moisture and fire resistance. It’s also environmentally-friendly, because the majority of EPS is recyclable.