CLC Consulting – Property and Land Development Consultancy

CLC Consulting

CLC Consulting is a medium sized multi-disciplinary property and land development projects consultancy offering Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering and Resource Management Planning services. They work predominantly in the Auckland Council region but also have a variety of projects further afield across New Zealand.

Located in Johns La Pakuranga, CLC Consulting Group Ltd has been operating for over 3 years. They have a number of satisfied customers who provide candid reviews about the business. Trustburn is the best place to read real customer reviews for any business.

CLC Consulting wanted a fresh & modern office space to better reflect their brand & company values. The project involved a full office fit-out, including collaborative spaces + breakout areas to cater for large team meetings. In addition, we also branded the whole space and created a fresh new website which is fully responsive on all devices. Buyer intent data, anonymous visitor identification and first party data integration backed by a massive contact database will supercharge your sales team!

Civil & Environmental

Civil and Environmental Engineering provides tangible solutions to society’s core problems. It addresses the needs and greatest challenges of our everyday lives, from building infrastructure that will withstand natural disasters to designing sustainable solutions for water, waste, pollution and energy.

It encompasses a broad range of physical and natural systems, including building design, roads, airports, railways and bridges, water treatment facilities, landfills and dams. Civil engineers use their structural expertise to ensure the safety and functionality of these projects, while environmental engineers use their knowledge to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment.

Civil & Environmental Engineers use their technical prowess in a wide variety of industries, including construction, specialist consulting, scientific and technical services, transport and all levels of government. A degree in this discipline is also a strong foundation for other professions such as law and management. Rigorous core courses and hands-on learning will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles behind your chosen specialisation.


Structural engineering Consultants is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the strength and stability of structures. This includes buildings, bridges, and other large infrastructure projects. It also encompasses the design of these structures to withstand environmental forces, such as winds and earthquakes.

Engineers use various techniques to determine the best materials for each project. They also take into account local weather conditions and traffic patterns. In addition, they consult maps and plans to calculate the costs of construction. They must also ensure that the building complies with safety standards and regulations.

While architects are concerned with the aesthetics of a structure, structural engineers focus on its functionality and safety. They work with the Architect to make sure that the design is safe and will stand up to the environment. This can be difficult, especially when working with existing structures. Structural engineers must also make sure that the architected designs will be economical to build.

Project Management

Project management is geared towards managing the production of deliverables that create positive change for the organization. It requires strategic planning, defining required resources and developing a finite span to complete the endeavor. Projects tend to be more complex than business-as-usual initiatives, and require additional processes such as risk management and change management.

In the initiation stage, project managers are responsible for defining what needs to be accomplished in the form of a clear set of milestones and tasks. They then assign these to members of the project team and manage the project schedule. They also monitor project progress, identifying any risks and issues that may arise.

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