How to Serve

Need inspiration for your own volunteering activity? Check out these volunteering ideas to get you started!

  • Help someone do their garden: mow lawns, weed the garden or water the plants
  • Take your dog to visit a local Retirement Village
  • Get to know your neighbour; help them in the garden, cook them dinner, or make them a cup of tea.
  • Teach young ones how to volunteer: deliver cookies or flowers to neighbours, write a letter to the postman, or write happy chalk messages on the footpath to make people smile!
  • Write a letter to someone that you’ve lost touch with, or reach out to someone through snail mail
  • Bake muffins and share them with your neighbours
  • Paint a mural: Have a blank wall in your community? Organise those in your neighbourhood to collaborate on a mural to liven up your streets ­ Permission is essential!
  • Cook dinner for your whanau
  • Pick up rubbish at your local park
  • Organise a beach clean up
  • Offer to go for a walk with your elderly neighbour
  • Donate your clothes or household goods
  • Tutor a young neighbour in something you excel in ­ sports or education, both are valuable for volunteering

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