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Serve for New Zealand + School Kit

Welcome, SVA Schools! 

Serve for New Zealand is helping to ensure the volunteering spirit is part of a Kiwi student’s identity. Using the SVA project method, the Serve for NZ website allows you to pledge your volunteering hours time once you’ve held your volunteering event.

Pledge your time!

If you have completed the success criteria for SVA Schools (see below):

  1. Brainstorming, clarifying and identifying an appropriate volunteer project for Serve for NZ;
  2. Participating in project planning by completing all tasks assigned to an assigned role;
  3. Participating in a volunteering project and ensuring the service hours are pledged to Serve for NZ.

… then it’s time to pledge your volunteering hours towards Serve for New Zealand!

To pledge your classroom’s project time, simply: 

  1. Head to:
  2. Select ‘Group’
  3. Select the number of hours each individual student completed (1 hour – 6+ hours)
  4. Add in your school’s details: most importantly, the number of people who volunteered
  5. The website will add up your individual hours + number of people: your pledge is complete – congratulations!
  6. Share your project on Facebook by using the hashtags; #servefornz and #svaschools

If you’d like a member of the Serve for New Zealand team to pledge your time for you, or if you have photos of your student’s completing their #servefornz project, please email us at:

Check out these great examples of projects led by schools around the country:

Limehills School

In 2016, the Limehills War Memorial has had a new lease of life thanks to students and teachers from Limehills School. The students fixed fences at their local memorial site, weeded and cleared grass and rubbish as part of #ServeforNZ.

In 2017, Limehills school achieved its hours through maintenance work around the Limehills War Memorial, catering and delivering food to families using Ronald McDonald House, holding a massive community rubbish collection, along with weekly volunteering at the local Weka Preschool, kindergarten and Hospice Shop. What excellent work, Limehills!

You can read more, here!

Omokoroa Point School

An army of 206 students and 12 teachers from Omokoroa Point School (near Tauranga) collected rubbish and cleaned up their local peninsular for one hour. Omokoroa Point School thank the UC Student Volunteer Army for “inspiring us into action” – what an awesome way to display the spirit of service in their local community! 

Planting in Kaikoura

Kaikōura students and community members planted 400 trees along the banks of Lyell Creek.

The planting was organised by Environment Canterbury, Kaikōura Water Zone Committee, Kaikoura Youth Council with funding from Fonterra through the Grass Roots Fund, and with thanks to Canterbury Water Management Strategy. Stunning work from all!

More project ideas inspired by schools who took part in Serve for NZ 2017:

  • School tidy-­up: As a competition between classes, choose different parts of the school and have a big tidy­-up of the environment
  • Heading to the closest park / beach and having a clean up
  • Community tidy­-ups: Choosing a street & helping the neighbours in their gardens
  • Baking for your local retirement village 
  • Helping your local DOC office with a planting project near your school or community

We encourage schools to take part in Serve for New Zealand anytime that suits them to take part – by­ connecting your school, and interacting with your wider community, you’re taking part in the volunteering movement!

If you’d like to talk to the Serve for New Zealand team about creating a volunteer project in your school, then email us for more information:


Thank you

Thank you for pledging your time to #ServeforNZ!

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