The Best Linux Mail Server


In this article, we discuss the best Linux Mail Server for business. Linux is a great open source solution for web hosting needs. Linux is very popular because it’s free and is very reliable, trustworthy, and has an excellent reputation. Besides, Linux isn’t just an ordinary operating system for machines, but it also serves as virtual servers, which are very beneficial for your businesses. So, what’s so special about Linux?

It’s a super fast and efficient mail server. To be more specific, a Linux Mail Server offers the best IMAP functionality. Imap is a protocol for retrieving, sending, and managing email accounts. Aside from this, the best Linux mail server will also provide you the latest POP3 functionality. The POP3 functionality allows you to download your emails from any location, no matter whether it is public or private, and you can access these emails via the imap mail server module.

This server is very easy to use. In addition to that, it offers various other services such as the handling of offline storage like HTML, images, PDF files, etc. along with online storage such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Apart from that, this server can be configured to seamlessly integrate with different software applications. For example, the Citadel Protocols are well integrated with the server to provide additional functionality like email filtering, username authentication, POP/SMTP redirection, etc.

Users can create multiple email accounts using the mailer module. This server provides the ability to setup multiple mail transfer agents for your employees, thereby reducing their reliance on you or other third parties. The mails sent to employees will reach the relevant email account as and when required. Apart from that, the mailerq enables admins to set up virtual workplaces by assigning various virtual hosts to various departments, groups and workstations.

Horde Mail Server is an award winning open source project. It has an excellent package of features including the Horde Webmail service along with a wide range of other functions including the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP functionality. Furthermore, the mailerq package comes along with a comprehensive documentation section and a freely available reference tool. Apart from that, the Horde Mail Server also allows you to run an in-house developed version of the mail management application or customize the application to your requirements. The SMTP and IMAP functionality of the server allows you to send and receive both text and email messages.

Postfix is another free open source solution to managing your email database. With the latest release of version 7 it has gained high popularity among both administrators and users. It offers a wide array of functionalities including the SMTP and IMAP functionality. The Linux mail server software is available in two variants, a desktop and a web-based solution. A large number of Linux users favor the web-based software because they offer highly efficient and feature rich applications that are easy to access and use even by non technical users.

One of the best solutions available in the market is the imap mail server software. The developers of this product have extended it with various new features that make it highly efficient in performing the tasks related to email databases. IMAP is one of the most widely used protocols in the market and its availability with this Linux mail server software is a boon to all those who need reliable IMAP mail services. The imap server can manage multiple mailboxes and it supports the various protocols that include POP3, SMTP, IMAP and SMTP over SSL/TLS.

For organizations that are looking for an economical solution they should consider the Cyrus imap server. This is offered with an open source license that makes it highly accessible and affordable to most people. Users do not have to spend a lot on licensing fees as this is completely free of cost. It supports the POP3, IMAP and SSL protocols and it has an active development team that is continuously adding new features into the product. Users can increase the performance of their inboxes by using Cyrus imap server and they can also create and view multiple emails in real time and read an unlimited number of mail messages in offline mode.

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