Top 5 Child Care Centres in Massey

For parents, daycare is a great opportunity for their children to learn coping skills and socialize with other kids. For children, it is an exciting place where they can play and develop their creativity.

Teachers are integrating research into their practice and are developing more understandings of leadership and the curriculum. They are also establishing internal evaluation practices.

The Y Massey Early Learning Centre

Y early learning centres and child care provide kids with safe, stimulating environments to learn and grow, while parents have peace of mind knowing their children are well-cared for. They feature low child-to-staff ratios, and teachers communicate with families regularly. They also take kids on regular excursions to explore the natural world and learn from people in their community.

They use the national YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum, which focuses on the whole child – physically, mentally and socially – and aligns with primary school benchmarks. Staff have extensive training in this program. They also have more than two years of childcare experience, state and FBI clearance, as well as 12 hours of annual training in child abuse, water safety and pediatric first aid/CPR.

Ys are a lifeline for many communities, providing emergency services such as child care centre massey for essential workers and food for those without access to school meals. You can help ensure these vital services continue by donating to the Y.

New Shoots Westgate

New Shoots Westgate is a home-like early learning centre located in the West Auckland suburb of Kawakawa Place. It is licensed for 125 children, including 40 under two years. Its staff are passionate about the education of young children. They offer a holistic approach to teaching that addresses both academic and emotional wellbeing.

The center is surrounded by unique outdoor spaces that are designed with children in mind – encouraging them to make their own decisions and calculate risk, and supported by teachers who empower them to do so. The staff also provide a range of stimulating activities that are appropriate to the age and stage of each child.

Three months after the deadly Westgate mall attack, Kenyans have not received the answers they need to understand what happened that day. The thwarted press and a government reluctant to discuss the issue have made it difficult for journalists to pursue investigative reporting. Until those problems are addressed, Kenyans will never get the full picture of what happened at the mall.

YMCA Massey Early Learning Centre

YMCA Early Learning Centre offers children the opportunity to develop their social, emotional and physical foundations. Their curriculum-based programs provide engaging and interactive activities that promote a love for learning. Children learn how to be creative and confident thinkers through a wide variety of experiences. They also practice the core Y values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

The YMCA Massey Early Learning Centre is located on Don Buck Road, Westgate in Auckland. It is the perfect location for university students and staff who need a convenient, affordable childcare option. The centre features two buildings from the Oteha Rohe campus that were relocated and refurbished.

The Y’s national Playing to Learn curriculum is used to maximize children’s learning through creative play. Teachers use this curriculum to help children discover a passion for life-long learning. Children also have opportunities to develop their phonological awareness, which is vital for literacy development. The Y’s curriculum is based on research that shows a whole child approach to learning better prepares children for life beyond school.

Little Zak’s

Founded by Egyptian migrant Maged Zaki, Little Zak’s Academy is a group of early learning centres that provide children with avenues to reach their full potential. The centre’s focus on a play-based approach allows children to develop academically, physically and socially. It also offers a range of activities, including yoga, languages, cooking, environment care and soccer.

The centre’s philosophy emphasizes strong relationships with parents and active parental participation in the management of the centre’s day-to-day operations. These activities have important implications for the nature and quality of the programmes that Little Zak’s offers. For example, the centre recently developed a preparation-for-school programme for children that emerges from regular reflection meetings.

The centre is located at Wongawilli and features a state-of-the-art playground built by Sheargold. It has been recognised by the Department of Education for its innovation and excellence in learning, and is a member of the International Association of Montessori Schools Australia (IAMSA). The centre has been accredited by IAMSA for meeting the high standard of IAMSA’s accreditation criteria.

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